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The Music Suite Form is very old in the West …
They became famous Bach suites, for example,
corresponding to the period of the Baroque (1600-1750)
This musical form continued to be practiced by many
composers until it arrived in the 20th century pop music.
The Beatles and other bands of progressive rock of the 60s and 70s
They used much this musical form ….
The SUITES CD that I present, it serves exactly this Form
Music determining that at least one element
the play is common for parties that make up
The work. So to understand the concept of the musical work that I developed blending the traditional with the musical vanguard, using elements of Western musical roots with a contemporary sound at the same time, it is necessary to hear the work rested with ears…I hope you enjoy …


A Forma musical Suite é muito antiga no ocidente…
Ficaram famosas as suítes de Bach, por exemplo,
que correspondem ao período do Barroco (1600-1750)
Esta forma musical continuou a ser praticada por muitos
compositores até que chegou na música Pop do século 20.
Os Beatles e outras bandas do rock progressivo das décadas de 60 e 70
usaram muito esta forma musical….
O CD SUÍTES que apresento, se serve exatamente desta Forma
musical que determina que ao menos um dos elementos
da peça seja comum durante as partes que compõem
a obra. Então, para compreender o conceito da obra musical que desenvolvi mesclando o tradicional com a vanguarda, utilizando elementos das raízes musicais ocidentais com uma sonoridade ao mesmo tempo contemporânea, é necessário ouvir a obra com ouvidos descansados ……Espero que aprecie…….

For sale: Wesley “Lély” Caesar | Suites | CD Baby Music Store › Wesley “Lély” Caesar



Ficha Técnica:



Electric and Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Keyboards,
Drum Pad, Music Production, Mixing,
Arrangements and Compositions.



Instrumental Music Progressive and Fusion Music (Symphonic Rock – Acoustic Rock – Modern Latin Music)


Track one: META-SPACE SUITE (09:18mins).
. Meta- Space I (Prelude) “Adágio with soul”
. Meta- Space II (Allegro) “New Cha-Cha”
. Meta- Space III (Wind)
. Meta- Space IV (Interlude 1)
. Meta- Space V (Moderato Quasi Allegro) “Brazilian Swing”
. Meta- Space VI (Interlude 2)
. Meta- Space VII (Finale)
Track two: CHARISMA SUITE (13:30mins).
. Charisma I (Overture)
. Charisma II (Andante pre-thematic)
. Charisma III (Interlude 1)
. Charisma IV (Allegro) “Medieval Dance”
. Charisma V (Interlude 2)
. Charisma VI (Allegro Misterioso)
. Charisma VII (Andante) “Mote main”
. Charisma VIII (Interlude 3)
. Charisma IX (Quasi Allegro with Expression)
. Charisma X (Finale) “Change Theme”

Track three: VOYAGE SUITE (08:04mins).

. Voyage I (Prelude)
. Voyage II (Adágio)
. Voyage III (Andante)
. Voyage IV (Interlude 1)
. Voyage V (Andante Vivace) “Main theme”
. Voyage VI (Interlude 2)
. Voyage VII (Finale) “Rock Groove”

Track four: HUMAN SUITE (10:03mins).
. Human I (Overture)
. Human II (Accelerated with Thriller)
. Human III (Adágio with Expression) “Main theme”
. Human IV (Interlude 1)
. Human V (Rock Slow)
. Human VI (Interlude 2)
. Human VII (Finale) “Jazz Groove”


Special Guests:


Zuzo Moussawer
Bass Solo on CHARISMA II
Recorded at Home-Studio (São Paulo-Brazil)


Franklin Paolillo
Drums on META-SPACE II (New Cha Cha) and
META-SPACE V (Brazilian Swing)
Recorded at Eletrofonico Studio (São Paulo-Brazil)


Ivan Busic
Recorded at CD Áudio Studio (São Paulo-Brazil)


Azael Rodrigues
Recorded at Eletrofonico Studio (São Paulo-Brazil)


Photos & Art by Norba Zamboni
Special Thanks to:

Zuzo Moussawer
Franklin Paolillo
Azael Rodrigues
Ivan Busic
Andria Busic
Manny Monteiro
Eric Cavalcante
Marcio Tucunduva
Norba Zamboni
Marvin Vinicius
Flavio Gutok



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